What Happened to Kooba Handbags? The Fall of a Giant

Do you know there are a lot of great handbags that have been discontinued?

And more that continue to be discontinued despite their user’s love for them?

Well, brands like Tignanello, Kooba, B Makowsky, etc., have once wowed their user base with exception design and unique unparallel styles of handbags.

But now, many of these brands are gone or struggling. Is Kooba about to be sent to the handbag graveyard or can still make a comeback? Well, that’s not for us to say.

So, what happened to Kooba Handbags? You’re about to witness the story of one of the beloved handbag manufacturers…

When a Legend Ghosts the Internet

Kooba was the brand at the center of an unexpected Cinderella story in the early 2000s.

Started by a mother and daughter duo, the Kooba line and its iconic slouch spread like wildfire.

When we say these bags were everywhere, they were everywhere.

From the scene at your local shopping mall to the red carpet and beyond: the Kooba was the trendy and functional bag that you could pair with any outfit and any occasion.

So what happened to Kooba handbags?

Are they still around, or are their glory days in the past? You’ll be surprised to learn what we found out.

What Happened to Kooba Handbags?

What Happened to Kooba Handbags

It’s A Quiet Goodbye

Kooba’s purses featured a unique and easily recognizable aesthetic.

Whereas other luxury brands on the market designed bags with clean-cut forms and edges, Kooba did the exact opposite.

Their bags were freeform, often described as slouchy.

But take a formless, slouchy bag, and add ruching, studs, rhinestones, and other appliqués, and suddenly, you have a purse that is anything but drab.

These purses were the rugged refined, a sort of playful, distressed look that had just the right touch of femininity.

And this was exactly the look that many celebs in the 2000s were clambering after.

Miley Cyrus, then a country singer, was one of the more notable celebs to be spotted with a Kooba on her arm wherever she went.

For the age of the Ed Hardy tee, Kooba was at the height of its success–until something happened.

Where are Kooba Handbags Made?

Most Kooba handbags are made in China. I would think the same thing will be with their purses too.

In fact, there is a lot of report from users that the label on the Kooba bags they bought clearly stated: “Made in China”.

Though some of these bags are genuine, there are plenty of fakes to be found everywhere, online and in-store.

Then, if you want a good, original Kooba bag, you have to authenticate it.

If you look well, I don’t think you can be mistaken about where Kooba handbags are made.

The Clock Strikes Twelve…Now What?

Kooba did wade out of popularity as the 2000s progressed into the teens, but it didn’t pose much of a threat to the line.

Their unique style could have been easily preserved while modernizing their lines moving forward.

However, the brand quietly slipped off the radar sometime in 2019–first disabling their store, and then ghosting their insta.

It appears that heavy hitters like Neiman Marcus and Macy’s are also no longer carrying the brand in-store or online.

It’s possible to say that this iconic brand may be a thing of the past, but with the huge market for nostalgia (and boho style that seems to be here to stay), perhaps a reboot is in order.

Are Koobas gone for good, or are they simply planning their comeback? It will be interesting to see!

Final Words on Kooba Handbags

Without mincing words, it seems Kooba is out of the handbag business for good.

Yes, that means you can’t buy their handbags anymore.

You can only love the old ones you already have. If you’re still after good-quality bags that Kooba once made, you are now free to look for alternatives.

Fortunately, these are in bountiful supply from several other companies.

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