What Happened to Monsac Handbags? Find Out NOW!

Monsac Handbags is no longer in production. The brand stopped making handbags around 2010-2011. At the moment, no one knows what happened to the brand. What’s clear, however, is that they went out of business.

There is something different about Monsac handbags, they are unique, high quality, and well constructed.

No wonder so many people complain they can’t a good replacement.

But what exactly happened and what can you expect to get from buying a Monsac handbag? Let’s find out in the following paragraphs:

What Happened to Monsac Handbags?

What Happened to Monsac Handbags

Monsac Handbags is no longer in production. The brand stopped making handbags around 2010-2011.

At the moment, no one knows what happened to the brand. What’s clear, however, is that they went out of business.


Monsac was purchased in 2000 by the Echo Design Group. One of the co-founders also died late last year.

However, that doesn’t have anything to do with the brand going out of business. The brand stopped production before 2015.

Monsac Brand History

What Happened to Monsac Handbags

Monsac is an Italian Leather Handbag manufacturer with lots of loyal fans outside the shores of Italy.

You used to be able to find them in high-end stores like Nordstroms, Macy’s, Dillard’s, etc.

Monsac was one of the great brands that made high-quality handbags when it was in existence.

The brand even had a showroom in New York at some point, where their headquarters is located. However, the brand is no longer in operation.

The brand stopped making new bags a few years ago, putting most fans in a situation where they have to look for alternatives.

A look at a few reviews shows that those who have used the brand’s leather bags love them so much.

You probably have used them in the past and wondering why you can’t buy new ones.

Some users mentioned they bought some of their Monsac handbags off eBay, so you may want to check that as a possible option to get used Monsac bags.

You should be aware that eBay prices can be awfully expensive. I mean, very expensive especially after a brand is out of business.

Is Monsac a Good Brand?

The short version: yes, Monsac is a good brand. Long Version: Monsac is definitely one of the fantastic handbag brands out there.

However, the brand’s popularity is waning as a result of no longer making handbags.

My research leads me to believe that most users are happy with their purchase of Monsac handbags, which shows they are of good quality.

Is Monsac a High-End Designer Brand?

No, Monsac isn’t a high-end designer brand compared to the likes of Hermes, LV, Gucci, etc.

This means it’s not going to be extremely expensive if you’re looking for something affordable.

If you can afford Coach, Longchamp, etc., you should be able to afford Monsac Handbags too.

Unfortunately, they are not made anymore. And even the used ones are hard to find. So, you most likely will have to look for alternatives.

It says on their site they are not making new bags.

Where are Monsac Bags Made?

Monsac Bags are made in Italy, which means they have a rich heritage.

In fact, most of the brand’s bags are in leather and often come in very high-quality materials.

How to Avoid Fake Monsac Handbags

As I mentioned above, you can get some handbags on eBay. However, you should be careful of counterfeits.

First, Monsac handbags are Italian-made and would often come with a glossy finish.

So, if the bag has a Monsac tag but doesn’t have that glossy finish, it may be made in China.

Aside from being made in Italy, the quality will definitely be better than the one from China. It would also be somehow expensive, even though that wouldn’t be as important as the previous point.


There seems to not be a specific reason Monsac handbags were discontinued.

The brand stopped doing business and making new bags around 2010 upwards. However, the brand was bought in 2020 by the Echo Design Group and added a few more categories.

I checked the official site at Monsac.ch and only found bags by other brands. In fact, most are luxury brands like CK, LV, and the like.

I’ll add that looking for alternatives at this point will be the better choice.

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