What Happened to orYANY Handbags? A Must Read!

Unlike before, when you search for orYANY handbags, you may not find as many reviews.

Especially those praising the brand’s quality of design and build. It’s as though the brand’s popularity is continuing to erode as time goes on.

What could have happened to a once popular and well-loved brand like orYANY? 

Read on to find out:

What is orYANY?

orYANY handbag

orYANY is a brand established in 2009 which specializes in producing handbags.

After a few years on the market, orYANY handbags became fairly well-known within the quality handbag community.

orYANY was associated with using genuine quality leather and having simple yet beautiful designs.

The orYANY brand focuses on accentuating the light, inner beauty, and personality of their clientele with their designs.

As well as for naming their handbags after surnames to emphasize their focus on inner beauty and personality, such as Sarah, Lauren, Ami, and Giselle.

What Happened to orYANY Handbags?

What Happened to orYANY Handbags?

OrYANY was quite popular and successful until around the years 2016-2017. So what exactly happened to the orYANY brand during these years?

Loss of Quality

From the years 2016 to 2017, the quality of the orYANY handbags decreased.

The high-quality genuine leather used appeared to become less high-quality over time.

Any handbag lover will know that handbags made of less than the highest quality of leather will wear out quicker, look worse, and is worth less money.

Using a lower quality of leather without reducing the handbag’s price is something quite a few people weren’t okay with.

Internet Discussion

With these issues surrounding the loss of quality of the orYANY handbags, the brand became less popular over a fairly short period of time.

This is because fans of the orYANY handbags who noticed the declining quality took to the internet to see if it was a faulty product.

Or even a fake perhaps and asked other orYANY fans if they had noticed a similar decline issue.

As fans asked each other about the orYANY handbags, they discovered that it wasn’t a localized phenomenon and the brand quickly lost a lot of its popularity and renown.

Though the orYANY brand is still currently producing new lines of handbags as of the time of this writing.

Frequently Asked Questions on orYANY Handbags

Where Are orYANY Handbags Made?

orYANY handbags are imported from and made in China.

Yes, the orYANY brand is based in New York but most of its bags and purses are manufactured in China.

Wouldn’t be great if they made the bags in the USA, especially for those who love to buy things in the states?

Well, that is possible but the costs will go through the roof. And the price will be barely affordable.

The same thing applies to most other US-based brands like Dooney and even some luxury brands.

Most of their production has been shifted to China to save costs and continue to provide bags that are affordable to the middle class.

That isn’t to say there is no brand that makes handbags in the USA. However, there are not many of them. And you should be prepared to pay ridiculous prices for them.

Who Makes orYANY Handbags?

This is perhaps another very common question around orYANY handbags.

Of course, the handbags are made by orYANY, a NewYork based brand. You can find their website at oryany.us to get all your queries answered.

Is orYANY a Good Brand?

orYANY used to be a good brand before their quality went down a bit, based on customer reviews.

Most of the positive reviews I’ve found on the brand seem to be in the past.

Recent reviews are not very encouraging as many complain about the quality of the handbags being bad.

Of course, you can always try the bags yourself if you’re unsure. Just make sure you buy from a reputable store so you can return it if you don’t like the quality.

Where Can I Buy orYANY Handbags?

The most popular places you can buy the bags include Nordstrom, Amazon, QVC, Wolf, and Badger, as well as the official website of the brand.

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