What Happened to Perlina Handbags?

Perlina handbags are some of the most interesting ones on the market. Lots of demand for them.

However, there is now a bit of controversy surrounding them. That is, are they now discontinued, despite the demand for them?

If so, why did the brand discontinue them? And most importantly, can you still find them today?

Let’s find out some answers to these questions, so follow me as I uncover the timeline for Perlina handbags:

What Happened to Perlina Handbags?

What Happened to Perlina Handbags?

Beautiful soft leather, well made and durable yet with a dash of elegance, Perlina handbags have it all.

Unsurprisingly, handbag lovers worldwide adore Perlina purses for their fashionable looks as well as their endearing functionality.

Perlina bags have been the handbag of choice for practically everyone from the runways of Paris to well-dressed workers on the everyday New York rush hour commute.

Yet, today, it seems Perlina handbags fail to appear amongst the top-end designer bag brands as readily as some other well-known makes.

Where are they now?

Despite their timeless style and sophistication, many Perlina handbags are now often found as cherished items in the back of a well-selected closet.

Some may even be lucky enough to buy one of these gems as a rare vintage treasure in a thrift store or on preloved online shopping sites.

With their classic design and excellent craftsmanship, a Perlina handbag matches any well-known brand.

Whether you are looking for a unique accessory for an outfit to remember or an everyday bag that will suit any occasion.

For a handbag that will never go out of style, Perlina remains a staple brand for the most discerning customer.

Where to Find Perlina Handbags

Luckily Perlina handbags are still available in several selected boutiques or online stores.

With a wide range of styles, from slouchy saddle bags to a classic clutch, Perlina handbags have been sought after across the globe since the brand’s first inception in 1989.

From its base in New York, the Perlina brand achieved global success and acclaim for design simplicity and its use of beautiful quality leather.

Is the Brand Still in Business?

These and many more questions have been coming up for a while after a lot of users started having difficulties finding Tignanello handbags.

Unfortunately, the brand is now out of business so a lot of these questions will remain largely unanswered.

But, we can still field some of them.

For example, one of the reasons Tignanello handbags is now out of business is that it was bought out by another brand.

Also, Tignanello bags are no longer being made. So, there is no need to want to know exactly where the bags are being made.

I’m not surprised though.

Many businesses are either run into the ground or changed forever once another brand acquired them. I would think this is what happened to the brand.

Final Thoughts on Perlina Handbags

Despite the enduring charm of their handbag range, Perlina no longer seems to be trading as a brand.

Their website is currently unavailable, and the Perlina store in Brooklyn appears to have closed down.

Nonetheless, while Perlina handbags continue to be available both new and second-hand in a range of online stores and boutiques, may the name of Perlina remain as eternal as their timeless and stylish pieces.

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