What Happened to Tignanello Handbags?

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After what happened to B Makowsky handbags, most people wonder what has become of Tignanello handbags too.

Being that both are managed by Bruce Makowsky, it’s natural to want to know their current status.

Although Tignanello handbags are cute, well-made, and reasonably priced, a turn of events has affected the company’s future.

In fact, you may not be able to enjoy their all-star designs anymore. Keep reading to learn why this is the case…

What Happened to Tignanello Handbags?

It was all well and good for Tignanello and its clientele until Bruce Makowsky sold the company to Li & Fung Limited in 2008 for $330 million.

Li & Fung Limited was a Hong Kong-based supply chain management company.

The brand sells apparel, household goods, furnishings, toys, and health and beauty products since 1906.

Tignanello pride itself on providing leather handbags of excellent quality and style at a much more affordable cost.

All this changed when the hardware pieces of the succeeding Tignanello handbags were replaced using cheap materials.

The succeeding handbags manufactured by Li & Fung Limited also featured vinyl linings which are substandard substitutes for leather.

Tignanello no longer offers the same quality that they have served their clientele for years. This is the main reason why the majority of its patrons stopped purchasing the handbags.

About Tignanello

Established in 1989, Tignanello was a New York-based handbag line.

Tignanello used to create designer bags featuring the legendary Italian craftsmanship that’s synonymous with quality, innovation, and style.

Bruce Makowsky and his wife, Kathy Van Zeeland owns and manages the company.

Both had been supplying high-quality shoes and handbags through over 1,300 stores across the United States for more than 3 decades.

In fact, Tignanello was among their many offerings to the fashion industry.

Tignanello was a trusted brand of handbags that was built to last.

With strong Italian leather as its primary material paired with solid hardware pieces, Tignanello offers excellent support for each of its products.

Tignanello Handbags Review

What Happened to Tignanello Handbags?

Are Tignanello Handbags Good Quality?

From my research on their handbags, I haven’t come across bad reviews on the bags.

Except for someone complaining about her bag’s zipper getting stuck.

The quality isn’t that bad considering the prices of the handbags. For the money, the bags are well made.

They aren’t as spectacular as Gucci or Louis Vuitton and they may not look luxurious, but the price-to-value ratio is good.

Also, if you look at several online forums, you’ll discover that the reviews are generally positive.

Where to Buy Tignanello Handbags?

According to several reviews from customers who have used some of the bags, the best place to purchase a Tignanello handbag is QVC.

And this is because of their return policy, which is excellent.

If you don’t like what you get (like one customer who keeps getting their bag zipper stuck) you can return the bag.

And get a refund.

I actually like this because there is no wasting money and you get to actually try the brand and decide if it’s for you or not.

Another place often mentioned (with good prices too) is Macy’s.

One other thing most people love is that the Tignanello purses aren’t overpriced like others.

Others often compared are Dooney, Maxx NY, B Mak, etc.

You can check them out but the word on the street is that they are expensive but the quality doesn’t speak positively for the price.

Where Are Tignanello Bags Made?

The bags are made in New York City, where the brand is located.

Most of their bags are, however, Italian-inspired so much of the leathers are good quality.

However, some of the bags are made in China with a few counterfeits here and there. So, you should try and ensure you’re buying the real deal and not waste your money.

Are Tignanello Purses Real Leather?

The Tignanello purses used to come in high-quality leather.

However, the quality has been on a downward spiral before the company went bust.

If you have older T purses and compare them to newer ones, you’ll see that the older ones have better quality.

Final Words on Tignanello Handbags

Li & Fung Limited’s downward spiral, tarnished reputation, and steady losses have led the Tignanello designer handbags into oblivion.

With the company’s downfall, it is highly unlikely that we will be seeing new Tignanello handbags in the market anytime soon.

And even if they release new designs on the market, people would be apprehensive to purchase the handbags knowing that they will only get a substandard item.

One that they can only use for a year or so.

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