Where are Longchamp Bags Made?

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In this article, you’ll learn where Longchamp bags are made, why Longchamp is worth investing in, and what you should be looking at when buying.

Where are Longchamp Bags Made?

Longchamp is on a large scale, an artisan company.

Every single wallet, bag, luggage, and other product the Longchamp offers is hand-crafted and hand-sewn by specialist artisans.

The company has six production sites in the west of France: in Mayenne, Vendee, Maine-et-Loire, and Orne, and can employ over 800 people with rare expertise.

The brand also has two other production sites in Tunisia and Mauritius and also makes use of partner workshops in China, Romania, Morocco, and France.

Longchamp bags and other products are manufactured in these workshops and each bears the same quality standard and “made by Longchamp” mark.

For transparency purposes, Longchamp also displays where its designs are assembled in the labels inside its bags.

Is Longchamp a Good Brand?

Now the question is Longchamp a good brand? Yes, Longchamp is a good brand worth investing in.

Longchamp is definitely an excellent brand. Aside from being known as a luxury, their products are highly functional, durable, and reliable enough to be an everyday item.

Since most luxury brands are just used for fashion shows, red-carpet premieres, and social events, they are not considered to be functional enough for everyday use.

This is why they can be seen for displays only. Another benefit of Longchamp is that the products are high quality. They can withstand everyday use and are highly functional.

Thus, making them ideal for business owners who prefer to have one kind of handbag to bring.

Another reason it is worth buying is its price tag, despite having a higher price tag the value for money is truly up to par.

A Little About Longchamp

Longchamp is a French leather goods company founded in 1948.

It started as a brand selling exclusive leather pipes and has grown to be one of the most recognized leather goods brands in France and around the world.

Longchamp is a privately owned company and one of the few luxury companies that are still family-owned in France today.

Longchamp has broadened its reach across continents and currently has physical stores in Boston, Washington, Jakarta, China, Singapore, Paris, and South Africa, among others.

The company offers a range of products like footwear, handbags, handles, backpacks, cosmetic cases, key rings, scarves, sunglasses, and travel bags.

Their products are available worldwide in stores and online shops, both their and retailers’.

Although popularly known for its handbag collections, the brand also offers men’s apparel and accessories like stoles, suitcases, belts, and wallets.

Longchamp produces most of its products using leather but also has some nylon produce.

It is the first company to produce bags out of nylon.

Longchamp uses leathers from animals raised in Europe, Asia, and South America.

The leather in the bag comes from animal hide. In addition, before completion, the best tanners in France, Italy, Spain, and England tan them for the best look.

Most Popular Longchamp Collections

The Le Pliage collection is the most popular Longchamp collection to date. It is the number one bag among many women and the most bag the brand has ever sold.

Inspired by origami, the iconic Le Pliage is lightweight, spacious, and durable.

It comes with both nylon and Russian leather. You can fold and unfold it as you desire, which goes true to its name which means ‘folding’ in French.

There are more than five variations to the design offered from the original.

The bag also has a personalization feature that allows customers to customize color combinations and even add initials.

Thus giving the creative person room to either go with the simple design, create another simple design or come up with an idea/combination and implement it as they see fit.

Some other notable collections are Roseau and Box-Trot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Longchamp a Luxury Brand?

Yes, Longchamp is a luxury brand.

Being a luxury brand, the products are not cheap and easily affordable to everyone, but their quality beats the price.

Longchamp is one of the top leather fashion producers in France.

Luxury Brands: Are they Worth it?

Most people buy luxury brand items as their way of having a higher social status.

That’s why these luxury brands have been the extension of their personality because when buying these sorts of luxury brands it makes the person feel that they are rich, famous, and cool.

Ever wonder why people buy them despite the heavy price tag? Well, people tend to buy these sorts of luxury brands to boost their ego and social status.

That’s totally fine by me though. As long as you can afford it, go for it. Just make sure you aren’t buying fakes.

Before buying any of these luxury brands make sure first that aside from their looks.

You also want to make sure that it is durable and functional because it might become useless in the long run.

You’ll then end up wasting your hard earn money.

This is why it is better to buy Longchamp brand items because aside from being a luxury brand the customer is assured that the product is durable and useful.

Which Longchamp Handbags to Choose?

Longchamp handbags are popular especially among the older generation, over the world. One of the reasons for that is that users can easily fold the bag. Something, not every other brand can boast of.

Or notably known as the “Le Pliage” which became the company’s best-selling product. The bag features both nylon and leather with different designs, patterns, and colors that suites the taste of the consumer.

Aside from bags the company has also started making other leather products such as shoes, fashion accessories, clothing, and travel items.

Today the company is popular for making luxury items that are durable and usable.

Not only does this makes them an excellent brand but also one of the best to invest in.

The company has over 1,500 retail stores in 80 countries, which makes widely known around the world rivaling other luxury brand companies.

Final Words on Longchamp

Longchamp is a French leather company based in Paris France.

Their first products back in the day were leather covers such as passport covers, and wallets, due to their excellent craftsmanship Longchamp slowly became known to be one of the best leather product makers.

In 1971 Longchamp first launched a women’s handbag which became an instant success since most women prefer to have leather handbags used for everyday routines.

But perhaps there are most known for combining nylon and leather products in their lineup of luggage collection wherein the luggage are now lightweight and innovative for traveling.

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