Where Are Giani Bernini Handbags Made?

Giani Bernini is a brand of handbags with lots of excellent offerings. Giani Bernini is one of the non-high-end, non-designer brands out there with a sizeable selection.

The bags are high-quality and well-made, according to users. Giani Bernini is a house brand of Macy and you can read more about the brand on Macy’s website here.

Outside that, the information on the brand is extremely limited, which can often affect consumers’ decision-making.

If you’re wondering where the brand’s handbags are made, you probably are worried about the quality and the lack of information on the bags.

In this article, I try to uncover some important information not only about where the bags are made but also about the brand itself. Keep reading.

Where Are Giani Bernini Handbags Made?

All available information points to China. The bags are manufactured in China and then imported to the United States.

This is now common with most designer and luxury brands, many of which have moved their production to China due to the lower cost of production.

This doesn’t mean that the quality of Bernini Handbags is low or compromised in any way.

Is Giani Bernini an Expensive Brand?

From the general review of the brand’s handbags, I can say the brand isn’t expensive.

However, I’ve seen some that cost almost $100. So, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something affordable, you’re bound to get one.

And if you want something of high quality and grade, it may be available at a higher cost. You can find most of the different varieties of bags here on Amazon.

The brand is comparable to the likes of Michael Kors. Although the price is lower, the quality isn’t as comparable to MK or Coach, or other low-end luxury brands.

I haven’t seen any complaints from users regarding the price, which means they’re happy with their purchase.

Are Giani Bernini Bags Good?

Yes, the brand’s bags are solid. They are even available on well-known retailers and eCommerce stores for easy access.

The brand offers bags that are stylish and ready for use on the go. These bags also come in a lot of varieties.

Some are clutch, which are easily grabbed and easy to store credit cards, keys, and smaller items.

The brand also offers wristlets, that are smaller for storing extra items like your cell phone, etc. Or if you’re looking for maximum storage, you can go for Giani Bernini totes.

Others include satchel, crossbody, hobo bags, and purses.

Are there Alternative Brands to Giani Bernini?

Yes, there are substitute brands you can go for if you don’t like Giani Bernini for a reason. Alternatives include the likes of Etienne Aigner, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, etc.

Where Can You Get Giani Bernini Handbags?

The bags are available on Amazon, Poshmark, Mercari, Zappos, Etsy, Sears, Tradesy, and many other outlets. As you can see, the bags are widely available.

Only that the information on the brand itself is scarce. The brand doesn’t have an official website.

Currently, I don’t know if you’ll be able to get it from a local store, seeing that the brand doesn’t have a large presence online.


Giani Bernini has a sizeable catalog to choose from, ranging from totes to satchels to crossbody handbags to purses.

The only information available on the brand is on Macy’s website linked above. If you check, you’ll see a huge selection of purses and handbags to pick from.

Several users have bought and found the quality of its bags to be good relative to the amount spent. If you’re looking for a new handbag, you can try out the brand.

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