Why Are Consuela Bags So Expensive? Are they Worth it?

Consuela Bags are expensive because of the quality materials used, durability, toughness, and great craftmanship that goes into every model. The vivid colors, unique pattern, sturdy construction, and enchanting designs, also comes into play.

Consuela is one of the newest brands in town. Why still new, the brand is currently making waves in the industry with unique pattern bags, high-quality materials, and enchanting designs.

The brand has continued to grow, but there are quite a few people who are interested in trying them but want to be convinced.

If you’re one, then it’s likely you’ll want to know why Consuela is so expensive.

In this article, I went over a lot of reasons why they might be expensive and why you should be buying from this brand. You’ll also get a dose of alternatives and possibly less pricey brands to consider.

Beware: This article is long. So, pop open your bottle as I take you through everything you need to know about Consuela bags.

About Consuela

The Consuela brand is a Texas brand that came around 2005/2006.

This means the brand is still quite new and not a lot of noise about them.

That can allow you to get on the cusp of the style trend this new company is about to throw into the industry.

Brands that are still new and not yet mainstream means their bags are not plenty out there so you are going to be carrying around unique bags, which is great.

Fortunately, the brand is already on shops like Amazon, eBay, and a few others so you can easily other any of their bags.

Although the brand is still new, they have a lot of different styles and patterns already. So, no one isn’t going to be short of options.

As a small-size luggage brand, Consuela is one of the newest in the industry, with a good track record.

Most of their bags are found on their website. One of the separating features of the brand is the selection of vivid color and print-based design, which is inspired by their motto: The Art of the Unmatched™.

With a host of artists, experienced craftsmen, and apt decision-makers, Consuela promises to make bags that are beautiful, versatile, tough, and durable.

If you’re looking for unmatched styles, varied colors, unexpected designs, and purposeful craftsmanship, you may want to try this brand.

Is Consuela a Good Brand

Consuela is not only a good brand but also a reliable brand.

Although the brand is still new, a lot of folks have tried them out and found them to be a good brand.

In a recent survey, 61 reviews were analyzed and Consuela scored 4.2 out of a score of 5 stars. This rating is dynamic and likely to change as more and more people get wind of the brand.

Accordingly, a few reviews and rating on the brand by independent publications has placed it among the top brands in the industry, which is good for new customers who want to try them out.

However, the brand has started in good stead and is likely to continue to be.

Aside from its growing popularity, Consuela has a competitive price for consumers. This means that the prices of their bags are reasonable relative to the quality.

Moreover, the quality features of their bags are top-notch, with a lot of people praising them for that.

Occasionally, Consuela offers discounts and coupon codes to shoppers, which is always a good thing.

Most brands like Coach, etc., also offer sales from time to time to help you save while also increasing their sales. Thus, creating a win-win situation.

What are Consuela Quality Standards

The company has a good quality standard with most of its products following a strict process to ensure high quality.

They use good materials in making the bags as well as experienced hands to create them. This isn’t just a run-of-the-mill brand.

It’s a big one with lots of artists, decision-makers, crafters, and so on in the production line. Of course, you can’t compare them to the likes of Chanel, Versace, Steve Madden, and so on.

However, in its line, Consuela is doing great.

Are Consuela Bags Worth It?

There are a lot of reasons you should be shopping for Consuela brands.

The brand is quite unique and brings a lot to the table. Many other brands are only about the bags/purses/cross bags and not much else.

Consuela takes the step further by combining a profit mindset with community building and commitment to consumers.

Community build-up.

As part of the brand’s unique features, Consuela is ready to give back part of its profits to women of all walks of life.

The brand has a program named It’s Not About the Bag where they give back to certain women after they are nominated.

Fortunately, this can be anyone and everyone can participate. If you’re interested in learning more, you can read their manifesto and what you need to do here

The vivid colors.

The one thing that separates Consuel from other brands is that their bags are well-designed with lots of fun and vivid colors to choose from.

If you’re looking for that vibrant look or looking to make a statement, then go and browse a couple from the Consuela catalog and you’ll be hooked.

And yes, these aren’t styles that are outdone or out of touch with modern expectations. They’re simply unique, outrageous, and sometimes unmatched.

Functional handbags.

We all crave that functionality in every and any bag we own. When it’s a laptop bag, then it should accommodate one easily.

And if it’s for shopping, it should be practical when you’re out there slinging different items with your bag.

Not only are the bags high quality and well designed, but they’re also versatile. And you’ll find one that’ll suit your needs even if they vary.

The bags are durable.

I’ve had some bags for years. I enjoy them and sometimes forget how long I’ve been using them or how much I bought them for.

That means I don’t remember having any problems with them whatsoever.

That’s durability for you.

While it’s important to do your assignment when you’re shopping, some brands just make it easy for you. Consuela is one of these brands.

They make sturdy, tough, and long-lasting bags so you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

Always innovating.

As I mentioned before, not everyone wants to carry around a retro style or classic handbag.

We all have different tastes and continue to demand different styles and designs.

Brands that innovate keep taking our investment while those that don’t innovate stagnate.

That’s why Consuela has built a brand that’s different from the others and ready to serve all and sundry.

The brand for everyone.

There is no particular group of people that this brand makes brand for. Instead, their bags are for everyone.

Whether you’re just concluding college, a regular shopper, or just an ordinary lover of stylish handbags, you’ll find a match with Consuela.

The brand tries to build relationships with different artists as well as consumers, fostering an environment where everyone has a say.

Possible Alternative Brands to Consuela

What if Consuela is too expensive for you? Well well, there are other options!

There are a lot of alternatives to consider if you’re interested in comparing Consuela with similar brands. These brands ranges in price, quality, styles, and types.

Most, if not all of these, are in the same category with Consuela. There are other categories, including luxury brands.

These ones are probably enough for you if you’re after just comparison. It’s not meant to be exhaustive and we might even add more as we come across more of them.

Consuela Bag Reviews

Generally, the reviews on the brand are positive. Most people are quite happy the brand is new and therefore has a unique offering.

So, those looking for refreshing looks might want to patronize them.

Another great thing users love about the brand is the bright colors, details on the bag, and the excellent craftsmanship that goes into every model.

Most importantly, the bags are durable, sturdy, and look to be long-term. Finally, they are practical, functional, and versatile.

These reviews touch on a few other things but the most important are those mentioned above.

To give you a slight peek into what you can expect from a typical Consuela bag, below is a review of their most popular handbag, the Style Tote.

There are plenty of other bags, all of which you can check and browse through on their website.

Consuela Style Tote

Most people put their money into something expensive like Louis Vuitton or Chanel or Michael Kors to get that statement.

However, there are brands like Consuela making bags like the Style Tote, which gives just the same satisfaction or statement, at least to a lot of people who have used their bags.

This bag is Mexican-inspired with woven straps and a bouquet of flowers from one side to the other.

The bag comes in bright colors, which makes it fun to wear around anywhere you’re going.

The bag has leather on the should straps as well as all of the seams in the bag and around the top. There are equally fun prints, which makes it even more interesting.

The bag has a hard bottom and a pocket on the side, big enough to fit a big phone. The bag is available in different colors as well as neutral colors that can match every clothing you throw at it.

One of the downsides of this bag is that it’s a little expensive, considering the fact that it’s a new brand.

However, when you compare this with other bags from brands like Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and the likes, you’ll see that this is still affordable to some extent.

So, it’s worth trying out.

The bag is functional, features a stunning design, and is well made. If you like a fun bag that’s practical, then it’s worth trying out this.

Where Can I Buy Consuela Bags?

This brand is still widely new compared to brands like Coach, MV, Fossil, Furla, and the likes.

So, the number of platforms you can find their product is still very limited.

At the time I was preparing this article, I checked Amazon and eBay and couldn’t find a lot of options for Consuela bags.

One place that seems to have their bags is Poshmark as well as Etsy.

However, I’m not sure about the genuineness of the bags and whether or not they have enough inventory/variety.

Fortunately, you can shop and order any bag you like from the official website. There, you’ll find all of their best-selling, popular, and currently available bags.

You can also compare the prices of different bags.

The average price of the bags is around 100 dollars, which I’ll say is quite expensive. However, many customers have mentioned that the quality is there.

So, I believe the ratio of value to the price you pay should be high enough to make it a worthwhile investment.

Discontinued Consuela Bags

As you can imagine, almost all brands in this industry have some sort of bags/purses they have discontinued.

Even though this is a newish brand, there are still quite a number of bags that the brand has discontinued.

I was able to get a list of a few of them.

One thing to note about these bags is that they are extremely expensive. I’m talking about half a thousand dollars and sometimes >600 a pop for one bag.

Some of the bags are almost new, but you’ll have a lot of options including being able to chat with the seller and negotiate things.

Here are some of the bags I found on eBay:

  • Consuela Bae Luxe Classic Tote Retired
    Consuela Tote Retired Rare Snake Sides Embroidered Gold
    NWT New Consuela Mish Classic Tote Blue Retired
    NWT New Consuela Tia Sling Retired
    Consuela Merlot Carryall Retired
    NWT New Consuela Seffie Classic Tote Retired
    NWT New Consuela Maren Teeny Midtown Crossbody Pink Retired
    Consuela Margot Classic Tote Retired
    NWT New Consuela Sally Downtown Crossbody
    NWT New Consuela Bam Bam Big Breezy East/West Tote
    Consuela Dee Dee Everyday Tote Retired Rare

Where to get them: The best places I’ve found are eBay, Poshmark, and Etsy for these bags. There maybe other places, but these are the popular ones.

What Kinds of Bags Does Consuela Make?

Common styles of Consuela bags include crossbody, totes, handbags, and shoulder bags.

You can find these bags on many stores like eBay (which has a ton of bags on sale at the time of this writeup), Amazon, and other popular eCommerce websites.

Aside from bags, there are other accessories the brand offers. For complete information on the present catalog, you can check the official website.

You can also contact the brand directly if you have a specific question in mind.

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