Why Is Free City So Expensive? Is It Better than Competition?

Free City is quite expensive for a clothing brand, with a single sweatpant selling for 200 dollars when you can get them from 25 to 50 dollars from other sellers and even cheaper elsewhere.

That is roughly four sweat pants for the price of one.

So yes, Free City is expensive. But why?

Why Is Free City So Expensive?

You may be wondering why Free City is different from other retailers or suppliers. There are quite a few reason this can be and I’ll give you some of the important ones.

Here is how Free City is different, and therefore, able to charge what it charges:

Designer Status

Free City is a designer brand, meaning they are exclusive, acknowledged, and deluxe.

Their products are limited, producing only a few numbers at a time, and to some extent, it’s a one-time production.

Some products are limited to the extent that only one or two are in stock. So when you’re wearing Free City, you know it’s just you in the world, or just the two of you.

They specialize in tops and bottoms, with hand bands and neck warmers being the only accessory they offer.

Each clothing item is hand sewn and fully customized for its buyer, and also hand-screen printed locally at their workshop, these are not factory-made clothing.

In essence, delicate time and effort is being invested in making sure each item is of high quality, rich and comfortable.


As a designer brand, it also means an elevated status, which means fame and recognition for its customers.

Free City is expensive because it has been recognized for its quality products, how comfortable they are, and how its designs are original in the industry.

There are a lot of clothing brands with similar products as Free City, which are way cheaper and affordable and might even be at the same level when quality is compared.

Unfortunately, they lack the same recognition.

Or they are probably new in the industry, so they have to earn their place.

This also explains why designer brands are naturally more expensive than the average brands because they have been in practice for so long.

And are near perfection at what they do.

Now, it is up to you as a buyer to decide whether you want to risk quality for cheapness or go for a product with an assurance to deliver, at a higher price.

Supreme Quality

And quality stuff is not cheap actually.

When you buy a cloth that is 100 percent cotton, free of any other foreign material, you should know that you are paying for the materials as well.

And since acquiring those materials when you need them, by the amount required, can be quite a hassle, that is another luxury the brand expects you to pay, so they charge you more.

And finally, what some of you are waiting for:

For Showing-off

Also, people love to show off.

They want you to know how posh and extravagant they are.

They want you to smell the air of difference when they are around you, how far they’ve gone. Or how their taste is different from yours.

And they are willing to pay an unreasonable amount of money in acquiring very cheap items as a way of showing their abundance.

So why sell an item for a penny when someone else will buy it for a hundred? This is mostly why designer brands have hiked prices.

Final Words on Free City

As you can see, FC is expensive. But not too expensive that it is inaccessible to most people. There are a lot of people that can still afford them easily.

However, if you find yourself questioning the price, it’s either you can’t afford it. Or because you don’t see the value in what they offer.

If it’s the first, then there is nothing wrong with that. If it’s the later, then you might want to think again!

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