why is goyard so expensive

Why is Goyard so Expensive?

Why is Goyard so Expensive? Here we will give you all the answers you will need to come to the conclusion of why it’s so expensive and what benefits you will have.

Since 1853, the renowned French luxury goods manufacturer Goyard has been creating exquisite handcrafted items. Goyard’s products are renowned for their great quality and beautiful craftsmanship and represent the pinnacle of high-end goods. The brand is widely sought after because it provides distinctive designs that are produced from the best materials and meticulously manufactured. These characteristics come together to produce a high-end item with a big price tag. However, it’s simple to see why Goyard products are so pricey when you take into account the degree of artistry and quality that goes into each piece.

Goyard is a high-end, exclusive fashion label renowned for its exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The leather, canvas, and other specialty materials used to make Goyard bags are of the greatest quality. Additionally, they are created in France by highly talented artisans that take great care and accuracy while producing lovely, classic items. Additionally, Goyard employs a distinctive dying procedure that is only used by the company, producing one-of-a-kind patterns that are incomparable to anything made by anybody else. These elements are all responsible for the high price of Goyard goods.

History of Goyard

Parisian luxury label Goyard has been in business for more than 200 years. It was founded by François Goyard in 1853, which is when its history began in the early 19th century. The company’s original focus was making trunks and other types of baggage for the French nobility. One of the most sought-after luxury brands today, Goyard is recognized for its quality and workmanship on a global scale. The firm now manufactures a variety of high-end products, such as purses, wallets, and other accessories.

Goyard is famous for having a unique aesthetic, which is exemplified by its recognizable chevron design and vibrant hues. The business has worked with a number of prestigious designers, including Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, to produce distinctive collections that fuse conventional workmanship with contemporary design aspects. Over the years, Goyard has also been highlighted in a number of fashion events and publications, further confirming its position as a top luxury brand.

In addition to its design offers, Goyard is renowned for its charitable endeavors. Through donations and volunteer efforts, the company supports several organizations all around the world. Goyard and UNICEF collaborated in 2019 to help children in need all across the world. A significant turning point in Goyard’s dedication to social responsibility was this relationship.

Goyard is still one of the most recognizable luxury brands in the world today. It is popular among fashion fans all around the world due to its classic designs and top-notch craftsmanship. Goyard is a pioneer in the luxury sector thanks to its dedication to producing high-quality goods and aiding philanthropic causes.

Quality and Craftsmanship

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Materials Used in Goyard Products

One of the most expensive and well-known brands in the world is Goyard. They are renowned for using premium materials and providing high-caliber workmanship. Goyard items are made of a variety of materials, including leather, canvas, and exotic skins like ostrich, crocodile, and python. Calfskin or lambskin are the most common types of leather used, however, other kinds may be used depending on the purpose. All of the leathers used by Goyard are tanned using vegetable dyes, giving them a distinctive appearance and feel.

Goyard also used very high-quality canvas. For durability and waterproofing, cotton is typically double-weaved into the product. Additionally, it features a unique coating that protects it from stains and grime. The canvas is then given a wax treatment to give it the distinctive appearance and texture for which Goyard is famous.

Other exotic skins frequently utilized in Goyard items include ostrich, crocodile, and python. These skins are often obtained from farms where animals are raised just for their hides, and they are then traditionally tanned to give them a distinctive appearance and feel. Particularly, python skin has grown in popularity because of its distinctive texture and capacity to change color when dyed or treated with waxes and oils.

Goyard also incorporates other materials into its bags and accessories, including wood veneers, silk linings, metal hardware, and more. Some of the world’s most opulent items are made from a combination of all these components.


Limited Production and Exclusivity

Since ancient times, certain goods have been given a feeling of worth and dignity by the concepts of exclusivity and limited manufacture. Manufacturers can produce a product that is viewed as more desired and exclusive than their rivals by restricting output. Customers may feel as though they are receiving something unique when they buy a limited edition item, which might improve sales. Limiting production can also promote demand for the next items while preserving the quality of the current offering.

Limited production and exclusivity have grown in popularity over recent years in the fashion business. As premium labels like Gucci and Prada have grown in popularity, buyers have grown accustomed to possessing unique items that no one else has. These businesses are able to give their products a sense of desire and worth by producing limited quantities of particular things. Additionally, it guarantees their clients’ loyalty because they are aware that they can always rely on these companies to give them distinctive goods.

Businesses aiming to expand their consumer base may consider the ideas of exclusivity and limited production. Businesses are able to draw in new clients who would not have otherwise been interested in their offers by developing special goods or experiences that are unmatched. Additionally, businesses may increase brand loyalty among their current consumers who value being a part of something unique by restricting production or providing exclusive events or experiences.

In conclusion, businesses may successfully establish a feeling of worth and prestige around their goods and services through restricted production and exclusivity. Companies can draw in new clients while fostering brand loyalty among current ones by restricting production or providing unique experiences. In the long term, this tactic can aid companies in differentiating themselves from the competition and boosting sales.

The Brand Image of Goyard

Goyard is a well-known French luxury brand that is famous for its exquisite craftsmanship and premium leather items. The company has been around since the middle of the 1800s and is renowned for its elaborate and distinctive patterns. The brand is known for its image of elegance and sophistication, with an emphasis on premium materials and time-honored workmanship. The items are opulent but classic, so they look stylish even after being used for a while. Additionally, Goyard enjoys a devoted following of customers who value its timeless designs and high-caliber products. It’s understandable why the brand has grown to be so well-known over time; it genuinely provides something unique for individuals who value premium items.

Goyard is renowned for its inventive use of materials, which frequently incorporate unorthodox pairings like anaconda skin and metal accents. This level of detail distinguishes the brand from other premium companies and adds to its air of sophistication. Additionally, Goyard provides clients with the ability to personalize certain of its items, enabling them to design a special item that reflects their distinct sense of style. The brand’s attractiveness is further increased by this customization option, which enables buyers to design something completely original that is solely their own.

All things considered, Goyard is a high-end luxury brand with a solid reputation for excellence and workmanship. Customers love its timeless designs and high-end materials, and its refined design style has made it one of the most sought-after names in luxury apparel. Goyard offers a high degree of personalization, which adds to the attraction of its products by letting clients give each item they buy from this renowned French company their own unique touch.

Repairs on Goyard Products

Goyard is a high-end company renowned for its stunning designs and expert craftsmanship. The company has been in operation for more than 170 years, and clients from all over the world prize its goods. There will be a time when Goyard objects require repairs, just as with another luxury item. Fortunately, Goyard offers a specialized repair division that can assist consumers in revitalizing their items.

The technique of mending is easy and uncomplicated. Customers can fill out an online form with information about the item needing repair or make direct contact with the repair department. After the form is received, Goyard’s team of expert craftsmen will inspect the item and offer a pricing estimate for repairs. The consumer will be able to see the status of their item as it goes through the repair process once they have given their approval for the repair work.

Depending on how hard they are, repairs on Goyard items are normally finished in two weeks. The buyer will then get the repaired item along with a maintenance manual that describes how to properly take care of their goods so that it lasts for many more years.

Customers may feel secure knowing that their Goyard goods are in capable hands when it comes to repairs. The business takes great pleasure in its craftsmanship and offers a complete warranty on all of its goods. Customers who have had their things repaired by Goyard routinely compliment the high caliber of work produced by their expert artisans and report outstanding outcomes.

Price Tag of Goyard Bags

One of the most sought-after luxury accessories is a Goyard bag. Their pricing reflects their unmatched reputation for quality and craftsmanship. Even though Goyard bags are frequently more expensive, individuals who value quality and elegance will find them to be well worth the cost.

A Goyard bag typically costs between $1,000 and $20,000, depending on the type, size, and materials used. Larger and more complicated patterns will cost more, while smaller and simpler bags will often be at the lower end of that spectrum.

The Goyard St Louis Tote and the Goyard Anjou Tote, which may retail for more than $5,000, are two of the priciest models. The Goyard Malle Mars PM Bag and the Goyard Porte-Documents Voyage Bag are two additional well-liked designs that sometimes cost more than $3,000.

For those seeking a luxury bag without breaking the bank, there are a few less expensive alternatives available in addition to these more pricey designs. One such choice is the Goyard Artois Bag, which has a retail price of about $1,400 and nevertheless maintains a traditional appearance thanks to its distinctive chevron canvas design.

In the end, you should be prepared to spend more on high-quality workmanship when buying a Goyard bag. Although there are undoubtedly less expensive solutions available, depending on your preferred design, you may anticipate paying anywhere from $1,000 and over.


Goyard is a renowned fashion company that creates high-end luxury goods that are both classic and of the finest caliber. Their craftsmanship is superb, and they only employ the highest-quality materials in their creations. This guarantees the exceptional style and durability of every Goyard product. The cost of Goyard goods reflects both the high caliber of those things and the rarity of possessing one. For those wishing to create an iconic and opulent fashion statement, Goyard is the perfect option because of its blend of quality, workmanship, and exclusivity.

In conclusion, Goyard is a well-known and opulent fashion label that commands a high price due to its premium materials, superb craftsmanship, and unique designs. The unmatched beauty and longevity of Goyard’s creations make them priceless despite their high price. Hope you find out now why is Goyard so expensive

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