Why Is Versace So Expensive? Is It Worth Investing In this Brand?

Versace is one of the few brands that command an extremely high price for each of their bags. The price is certainly prohibitive for a lot of people.

Surprisingly, the brand continues to grow.

Why is this even possible?

Well, a lot of luxury brands like Versace create pieces that are extremely tasty especially for the elite and rich. The materials used are different from regular brands.

The craftsmanship is superb. And the quality is short of great.

If you’re wondering why this brand is expensive, this article will give you a short glimpse into why.

First, you’ll learn about Versace, the quality standard used in production, the materials, and if there are alternative brands. Let’s get started with that:

What Is Versace?

Versace is a fashion and accessory brand founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. The Milan-based brand makes handbags with distinct metallic accents.

You’ll find many black, white, and pastel handbags that include flashy gold accents and multi-colored patterns all around.

Some of these handbags display Versace’s trademark head of Medusa, a symbol of how people will fall in love with something and never come out of that feeling.

Why Is Versace So Expensive?

Versace handbags are among the most expensive ones on the market. The La Greca Signature Modular Pouch is the least expensive handbag the company offers at $250 on its website.

The larger bags are even more costly, with the La Medusa Small Hobo Bag going for $1,425. The larger version of the La Medusa handbag costs nearly $3,000.

Versace handbags are expensive mainly because Versace paints itself as a high-end luxury brand.

Versace is considered a status symbol brand, as those who own Versace products are often perceived as successful and stylish people.

The unique designs and patterns on Versace products also prompt Versace to keep its prices up, as Versace items are easier to spot in a crowd.

Versace products are also hand-made and aren’t mass-produced.

The brand has extremely specific standards for how it makes its products. The extra effort and workforce necessary for producing Versace products cause the brand to increase its prices.

Versace products are also made in Italy. The cost of shipping its products from Italy to other countries will factor into the prices of its items.

What Are Versace’s Quality Standards?

Versace has strict quality standards for its products.

The company ensures its products are only sold either at Versace stores, through its website, or with authorized retailers.

The brand also has specific standards for all handbags, with an online authentication system used for all its products.

You can find the Certilogo of CFG twelve-digit code on each bag and enter it online to confirm the product’s authenticity.

What Materials Are Used In Versace Handbags?

Versace’s leather handbags feature leather from calfskin, a soft form with a smooth texture.

Nappa leather also appears in many handbags. Nappa leather undergoes an extensive tanning process, producing a softer body.

Hard metal materials are also used for some of the accents on these handbags. Oroton is a popular material found on some handbags.

This proprietary component features hard metal links with liquid-like surfaces.

What Alternative Brands Are There?

Versace is an appealing brand, but there are many alternative brands to explore if you’re looking for something that doesn’t cost as much.

You can find many luxury brands out there that offer quality handbags that cost less. These brands include Salvatore Ferragamo, Yves Saint Laurent, and Michael Kors.

Gucci and Jimmy Choo also make high-end luxury handbags, but their products are often as expensive as Versace or even more so.

You will find many quality handbags from Versace when you’re looking for something exciting. But it helps to watch for what makes the brand so expensive.

Versace focuses on high-end products, but those top-rate standards may be out of reach for some consumers.

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