Calvin Klein vs Ralph Lauren: Which Is Better?

When it comes to iconic brands, few are better known that Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.

They’re best known for their respective skin care products, but there’s an interesting discussion and comparison to be had about their clothing lines as well.

So let’s explore.

What follows is a brief breakdown of both clothing lines, for CK and RL, to give you an idea of which one is better and what some of the major issues are.

Calvin Klein vs Ralph Lauren: Which Clothing Line is Better?

Here are a few differentiating factors that separate CK from RL. At the end of this article, you should be able to decide which one is better for you.

So, let’s look at a few of these:

Different Market Segments?

Calvin Klein vs Ralph Lauren

Any conversation about Calvin Klein vs Ralph Lauren has to start with the targeted marketing segments.

Calvin Klein clothing lines tend to be more mature, and they’ve advertised accordingly, with a suggestive slant to many of the ads.

Ralph Lauren, by way of contrast, tends to try to appeal to a broader market segment.

One way to consider the RK approach is to look at it as an everyman version of a luxury brand, so it’s a more inclusive kind of advertising.

While both CK and RL have been established for decades, they’ve also both experienced some recent downturns.

A quick scan of clothing line reviews will reveal that the quality isn’t what it used to be for both brands.

So, in some ways, they’ve reached the top of the mountain and slipped a bit into the world of luxury products.

Current Appeal

Both brands remain viable, though.

Calvin Klein became known in the clothing world back in the 1990s for the company’s simple but luxurious loungewear.

And to some extent that particular clothing line still does well. It’s no longer considered the ultimate luxury loungewear.

But it’s a good choice for those who want to convey the impression of luxury without having to pay the astronomical prices that tend to come with it.

To some extent, the RL situation is analogous.

You can still find Ralph Lauren clothing lines in many department stores, where they’re often marketed as a discount version of a luxury line.

The clothes aren’t as well made as they used to be, and there are occasional quality issues with stitching, the quality of the materials used, and so on.

That doesn’t mean people don’t buy the products, though.

Which is the reason that both companies are still in business, despite the fact that their halcyon days seem to have passed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Ralph Lauren Own Calvin Klein?

No, both brands are separate brands. They operated separately as competing brands, so Ralph Lauren doesn’t actually own CK.

Are CK and Ralph Lauren Among the Richest?

While both are high-quality and often seen as premium brands, they are not at the top like Nike, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, or Gucci.

They certainly serve the rich but are not so extremely expensive that the average man can’t afford them.

Which Clothing Line is Better: Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren?

So which is better, Ralph Lauren or Calvin Klein?

They’re both good products, but in the clothing world, Ralph Lauren probably gets the nod, mostly for its broad-based appeal.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider buying Calvin Klein. Just expect a more limited product line and a different kind of advertising approach.

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