Why Are Kipling Bags So Expensive? Should You Invest in them?

In 1987, in Antwerp Belgium, Paul Van De Velde and Xavier Kegels founded Kipling.

The brand started with bags, handbags, backpacks, totes, and luggage.

Being a creative and high-quality brand, it quickly grew to serve customers in more than 80 countries with over 7500 stores carrying their various products.

After almost two decades, the brand was acquired by VF Corporation, which now runs it in the States.

Kipling is popular for their school bags for kids.

The brand continued to use crinkle nylon for most of its bags, backpacks, and handbags. Crinkle nylon is tear-free, water-resistant, washable, breathable, and lightweight material.

With such traits, it’s easy to see why Kipling bags may be expensive. But don’t take my words for it.

Let’s look at why this brand is expensive and if you should invest in the bags.

Why Are Kipling Bags So Expensive?

When I’m buying a bag, there are certain things I look at. And if the brand is expensive, I ensure that it checks all the necessary boxes before pulling my wallet. Here are some of them:

Quality & Durability

I prefer a bag to be of good quality and easy to maintain.

This way, I’m able to use it for a long time and still pass it on if possible. Lower-quality bags don’t last long. And they can often be a waste of money.

For what they’re worth, Kipling bags are made to a good finish, come in quality materials, are durable.

The bags are backed with 2 years of standard warranty from the date of purchase. But, make sure you read the fine print on that.

Kipling has been using crinkle nylon for over 30 years.

This material is lightweight and sturdy. And as a result, as allowed the brand to produce bags that are durable, light, and to a degree water-resistant.

Remember, high-quality materials deserve premium prices.

I saw a lot of positive reviews on the durability and quality of Kipling bags.

This doesn’t mean anything other than people are satisfied with their purchase. So, if you’re going to evaluate them on quality and durability, I’d say the brand is solid here.


Another feature of Kipling bags is that they’re useful for different categories of users.

There are school bags for kids in college and University, daily carry-on bags, and travel pieces. No material where you find yourself, you should find a good fit.

Brand & Style

Although it’s not as popular as high-end and luxury brands like Chanel, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Kipling is well established.

The brand offers stylish, sleek, trendy, totes and handbags that can set you apart.

Like other brands, Kipling is always trying to provide excellent quality products so buyers like you can come back after experiencing one of their fine pieces.


Another great thing about Kipling is that they have a warranty in place for their bags. So, if there are any defects in the material or workmanship, you can get a repair for free or an equivalent replacement.

How Long Do Kipling Bags Last?

I really can’t guarantee you that the bag you buy is going to last a long time. But those who’ve purchased the bags from Kipling noted that they are sturdy and have good longevity.

In other words, it depends on what you’re buying. If you’re going for a schoolbag, you can’t expect it to last for many many years. It’s a bag that’s used every day and often times, roughly.

Contrast with the regular bag that you take out occasionally and take good care of. That’s going to last longer.

Is Kipling A Designer Bag?

No. They’re not designer bags. Kipling bags are not that expensive.

The bags aren’t designed by a famous designer, as is the case with the likes of Celine, Versace, Givenchy, Prada, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, etc.

What’s So Great About Kipling Bags?

Kipling bags are unique in their design, style, and look.

They’re also practical for work, as an everyday bag, or for traveling. The bags have full pockets to accommodate essential items.

Are Kipling Bags Worth It?

Yes. the bags are quite worth it.

They’re indestructive, roomy, and have some incredible designs that allow them to fit your wardrobe (not always, but that’s it).

Look at the reviews of some customers about one of the brand’s handbags:

What Age Are Kipling Bags for?

All and sundry. Kipling has bags for different age groups, which include school bags, crossbody bags, mini bags, backpacks, and shoulder slings.

So, whichever group you fall in, you should find your size and fit.

Why are Kipling bags famous?

They are famous because they’re quality handbags you can spend money on. They aren’t as popular as the likes of Longchamp, Brahmin, Coach, and the likes.

However, the quality is there even though they may be pricier than most of the bags you’re familiar with.

Why do Kipling bags have monkeys?

Because that’s the status symbol and the brand’s signature.

It doesn’t mean anything other than there is a connection between the brand’s name “Kipling” and the famous book “The Jungle Book” which was written by Rudy Kipling.

What material are Kipling bags made of?

Most Kipling bags are made out of Crinkle nylon, which is said to last for more than 30 years. The brand states that they are at the brand’s top list of materials for all the bags they made.

Where can I get Kipling bags?

Kipling bags are available for purchase on the brand’s site. You can equally check popular retailer stores like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Poshmark, and the likes for the one you’re looking to purchase.