Louis Vuitton Discontinued

Louis Vuitton Discontinued: What Next?

Why Do Brands Discontinue Handbags?

Some brands discontinue their handbags for genuine reasons while others do it for or some specific goal (read: not always reasonable).

But of course, there is little you can do whether you think it’s reasonable or not. You always have to move on. Here are some ideas on why brands may discontinue the bag:

The bag isn’t that popular

When a bag isn’t making enough sales to keep making it, some brands will discontinue it altogether.

I’ve seen some bags that have a large following online but not in the real world.

So, while some bloggers are promoting it and hyping it, not many people want to buy it.

When this happens, it often distorts facts where you would think a product is really popular (which should also mean a lot of sales for the brand) but it isn’t.

There is a new innovative product

Sometimes, brands like LV or Gucci may have a new design for a specific bag that they think may wow their customer base.

Instead of keeping the old one, they stop making it.

Sometimes, they add more digits to the price so they can make more profit. It can also be genuine and not a profit grab.

You can’t blame a brand on either side.

Low sales or not profitable

Some products are very profitable earlier on but begin to lose sales and therefore profit as time goes on.

No matter what consumers think or say about a profit if the brand is not making profits that can make them keep producing it, they’ll stop.

These are some of the reasons a brand may stop making a bag. But then, what can you do if it eventually happens?

When a Brand Discontinues a Bag

When your favorite bag is discontinued, you could do either of the following:

Check with the manufacturer

This is the surest way of confirming the purse is truly discontinued.

You have to be careful where you ask though. Some customer reps may be out of the loop of things and give you the wrong information.

However, if you can email the sales department directly (or the correct department), they’ll be able to tell you the fact.

Get an alternative

Usually, there will be an alternative product, either from the same brand or another brand.


When a bag is discontinued, it usually means it’s not coming back.

Most are gone forever unless you go for used or get them as a gift from a previous owner.

Some bags do return, but it’s not a regular occurrence.

Whichever bag is discontinued, you always have the choice of looking for alternatives. Either look from the same brand or counterparts.

You just might find something similar that’s cheaper. And it may also be crickets. Be ready.

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