Chloé Nile Bag Discontinued: What Next?

Yes, the Chloé Nile Bag has been discontinued by the brand. This followed the trend of the others like the Drew, Faye, and similar bags from Chloé.

Some retailers might still have some of these bags on sale and you can also get used ones from places like Poshmark or eBay. However, you may be better off looking for alternatives.

Before looking for the Chloé Nile Bag replacement, here are a couple of things you should know/do when a brand discontinues their bag:

How Do You Determine If a Handbag Is Truly Discontinued?

The most reliable source of information is the brand. They’ll usually post on their social media or official website that the bag has been discontinued. When that happens, you can be sure it is truly discontinued. You might also find forum posts saying the product is discontinued. Sometimes, this isn’t always true as the said bag may just be out of stock. So, it’s important to always confirm directly from the brand or check websites like JaneMarvel for confirmation.

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Why Do Brands Discontinue Bags/Purse?

EVEN Though They Seem Popular

Well, brands discontinue products for different reasons. A brand could be going out of business and then there wouldn’t be any reason to continue making certain bags. It could also be because of a slim profit margin, high cost of production, unavailability of materials, etc. So, here, you’ll learn some of the possible reasons your favorite brand of handbag might be discontinued. Then, we’ll cover what you should do in case it ever happens.

Product Isn’t Doing Well

No matter how popular a product might be, there is going to be a time when the sales for the product will die down. Brands can’t control this. Even with huge marketing behind them, some products just might not respond well to sales. Once the bag/purse isn’t making enough sales to justify continued production of it, the brand can stop making it. Or they can introduce another design for the bag to replace it. This is one of the reasons I would think a brand will discontinue a bag, even when it seems to be popular.

Low-Profit Margin

This one is straightforward and doesn’t need much of an explanation. Profit, as you probably know, is a big motivation in any business. No matter what some companies want you to believe, everyone is in business to make a profit. And once it starts going down, isn’t enough, or the overhead cost is higher always, a brand will likely discontinue a product. Even when there are thousands of people rooting for a bag or purse, a brand may not have recourse to keep producing it. Of course, some brands keep taking the cut and make up for it elsewhere. Again, that isn’t always the case.

Safety Reasons

It doesn’t happen often that a brand will pull a bag off the market for safety reasons. That’s because the bags don’t contain substances that can affect people negatively (like a deodorant) or used in a way that may be harmful (like a car seat). But it can happen if maybe it contains materials that are hazardous to the user or the environment.

Worn Out Equipment

This is another reason brands discontinue bags. If the tool/equipment the brand uses to make the product becomes worn out and is too expensive to replace, it may affect the production of said bags. Especially if the bag is a single model, the brand can stop it and move to another.

Material No Longer Available

If a critical material a bag is made from (such as crocodile leather, which can be outlawed) becomes unavailable, the brand may stop making the bag. There has been a lot of uproar around brands using animal skin to make bags and purses. Some brands that feel the latch from consumer organizations (especially those cruelty-free enthusiasts) will promptly halt production of the bags they use this material in.

When A Product Is Built to Last (too Long)

Do you remember those bags you inherited from grandma that grandma inherited from her mother? Well, many of those bags are no longer in production. Why? Is it that they are not of good quality? Absolutely no. Some bags can survive decades and still look good. Usually, brands know that if they continue to make bags like that, people may find no need to purchase new ones. So, they either stop making those bags or make sure new products aren’t built to last long.

What to Do When Your Favorite Bag Is Discontinued

Now that you know that brands often discontinue products, and the likely reasons, here are some of the things you can do when it happens. Some of these are things you can control and others not so much. So, let’s look at them:

Look for Alternatives

You would obviously do this if you really love that discontinued bag. You look for something that not only looks similar but might have the same quality standards. Plus point if the price is the same. Sometimes you’ll find perfect alternatives, which is always good. Other times, you may find there is no replacement. In that case, do the following:

Resign to Fate

Now that you can’t find alternatives for the discontinued bag, the next best thing you can do is to look for alternatives. Yes, it might sometimes be hard if the bag has almost formed a part of your routine/dress. But you can’t control it, and since you have to move ahead, doing it on time is important.

Don’t BUY In Panic

When brands discontinue handbags, you’ll see people rushing to get theirs before the current ones on the shelves get sold out. You can hunt for it too if you can find it in reputable stores at the original price. Because at this point, some scrupulous brands/individuals will buy them in bulk and resell them to unsuspecting users at exorbitant rates often reaching 10x the original price. If you want to confirm, go on eBay and search for recently discontinued bags. You’ll understand what I’m saying.

Final Thoughts on Discontinued Bags

When a brand discontinues a bag or purse, the most likely thing is that the bag is gone forever. And you won’t be able to buy it again. Except… of course if the brand brings it bag, but that is very rare. If there is a lot of noise and the brand estimate a good number of people are asking for it, they can bring it back. But because that isn’t common, it’s better to always look for alternatives. That way, you don’t spend time thing about something that you can’t control. And who knows, you might even find a better replacement for the bag or purse.

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