Do Yeezys Run Small?

Yeezy, the rapper Kanye West’s shoe brand, is as popular as him.

The shoes have gone mainstream recently, and every sneakerhead wants to get theirs.

However, whether you’re buying the sneaker for yourself or a loved one, sizing is an important aspect you should pay keen attention to, especially if you’re shopping online.

It’s useless buying a pair of sneakers to realize later it’s not the right fit: wasted effort, wasted time, and wasted money.

To avoid these stories, you must understand the Yeezy size guide. Hence, the need for this article.

Do Yeezys run small? Do they run big? How do Yeezys fit?

This article is here to answer all these questions. Follow along as we provide clarifications to Yeezys sizing guide but first, let’s answer this question.

Do Yeezys Run Small?

When it comes to Yeezy, there’s no straightforward answer.

Although Yeezys generally run small, the sizing varies a lot depending on the model or style of the shoe.

Some factors determine how the sneakers fit, including the length, width, and shape. Some people find that Yeezys run small, while others claim they run big.

Each shoe size fits differently, so you might need to inspect very well before making a purchase.

For more clarity, follow along as we uncover the sizing guide for some popular styles of Yeezy shoes.

Yeezy Shoe Styles and Their Sizing

Below is the sizing summary of some models of Yeezy shoes:

Yeezy Boost 700s

The Yeezy Boost 700s are a popular Yeezy style with a massive Yeezy shape, designed with a mesh upper and leather, and a huge Boost insole.

They are designed to fit true to size. Many customers also claim that the model fits true to size.

The Yeezy Boost 700 boot has a comfortable fit, so we recommend getting your actual size.

However, it might be a bit tight if you have wide feet, so you can consider ordering up to a half size.

Yeezy Boost 350 Series

The Yeezy Boost 350 series is another popular style of Yeezys.

The series comes in two versions, including the Yeezy 350 V1 and V2.

From the review, the Yeezy 350 V1 fits true to size and offers excellent comfortability to the toes and foot when worn.

So if you want to buy the Yeezy 350 V1, you should stay true to your size.

On the other hand, The Yeezy 350 V2 is known to run smaller, as most customers have complained about it.

The toe area of this version is smaller than the Yeezy 350 V1. It is a bit tight and offers a sock-like fit.

Hence, if you choose Yeezy 350 V2, you require a half size up.

For instance, if your size is 7 UK, you’ll go up to 7.5 UK size.

You can only stay true to the size if you’re the type that wears a size smaller than your standard size.

Yeezy Boost 750

This Yeezy style is also popular, and it comes in men’s and women’s sizes.

Generally, this style is designed to run bigger than the usual size. Most customers also claim it’s too long or too wide for their feet.

This style is best suited for anyone with wide feet, as it will be a good fit.

However, if you have normal or narrow feet, you might want to go down a half size or select a different Yeezy shoe style.

Yeezy Desert Boot

A new style in the Yeezys shoe collection, this style is also going mainstream recently.

The shoes’ tops are suede and nubuck, while the soles are made of gum rubber.

Concerning sizing, this style tends to run large. If you’re considering buying this style, you need to order a half size down.

Yeezy Slides

The Yeezy slides are designed with a rubber sole and a synthetic top. They are ideal for summer outings and are available in colors.

Generally, Yeezy Slides run small. If this style is your choice, you must order a size up.

Yeezy 500

Yeezy 500 style has a good sole that’s comfortable for long hours of outings.

It’s one of the best styles in the Yeezy collection.

Regarding sizing, this style runs small. So, as usual, you will need to go up a half size if you want to buy it.

What To Do If Yeezy Run Small Or Big?

Even if you take several precautions, it’s possible to order the wrong size.

If your shoe is too small, you can wear thick socks before wearing your shoes.

You should also direct a hair dryer in the tight area or direction while wiggling your foot. The high heat may offer a little comfort.

If your shoe is too big, you can fold a pair of socks or paper inside the shoe before wearing it.

Most advisably, return the shoe to get the correct size.

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