WHAT Happened to Big Buddha Handbags?

Some years ago, Big Buddha bags and purses were bustling and shining on shelves.

These handbags are some of the most interesting ones on the market. Decent demand for them.

However, due to being unavailable, the question that keeps popping up is whether or not Big Buddha is still in business or not.

Did the brand shut down despite the demand for them?

If so, what happened? And most importantly, can you still find them today?

Let’s find out some answers to these questions, so follow me as I uncover the timeline for Big Buddha handbags:

What Happened to Big Buddha Handbags?

WHAT Happened to Big Buddha Handbags?

From what I can gather, Big Buddha was acquired by Steve Madden and may now be part of the brand’s wing of handbags/purses.

This was announced by WWD around 2010. When I checked the official website, it wasn’t down.

However, it’s empty, which shows that Steve Madden may have merged them under its handbag/purse section.

So, you’re not likely to see a Big Buddha branded bag again.

Frequently Asked Questions on Big Buddha Handbags

Is Big Buddha a Good Brand?

I would think the brand was good while it lasted. There are a lot of reviews on Big Buddha and I would think the majority are positive. Look what users are posting about the brand:

The Good:

1. Adorable.
2. They’re just the right height to hide under boot-cut jeans. You could easily tuck skinny jeans into them too.
3. The brown shade has a bit of a gray tint to it that’s very pretty and unique.
4. Has a convenient side zipper.
5. The boot’s heel and curve make your feet look so dainty!

The Bad:

1. The padding on the footbed is nothing special, and the toe-box is tight for wider feet.
2. Comfort is so-so. I get blisters if I walk over a mile or so in them. They’re fine for shorter distances though.
3. The bottom of the boot has no tread. It’s just not feasible to wear these in bad weather.

The Ugly:

1. The feathers and tassels tied to the sides are awkward and they drag. Sometimes they collect junk from the ground. You can cut them off if you want though.

Overall these boots look great and there are lots of ways to wear them, but functionally they’re pretty limited. Just depends on what you’re looking for.

This was posted on this product.

And here is one on a bag:

This purse is beautiful. It has such a luxurious look and feel. The grey is a pewter and has some shine without being patent-like. The handles and the strap are both removable. The gold hardware is a great touch. I have bought Big Buddha purses before (great company), and this is not big like the style once was, it is to me the perfect size. Fits everything, but definitely does not get in my way, or is cumbersome. I have the same purse in black. Love them both.

You can see all the reviews here.

Where Can I Buy Big Buddha Handbags?

There are so many stores where you can shop for these bags. This includes Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Poshmark, Thredup, etc.

Unfortunately, since the brand is no longer operating, you may not be able to buy any of the handbags. Except, of course, if you’re checking eBay or Poshmark for used ones.

Is Big Buddha Still in Business?

My research shows that Big Buddha is no longer in business. The brand has been acquired by Steve Madden, which is a shoe and fashion accessories brand.

Steve Madden also makes handbags and purses, which is where Big Buddha is going. Once accumulated, BB will become a part and parcel of Steve Madden’s handbags.

While you may not see Big Buddha handbags anymore, you may be able to find some resemblance in some of the newer Steve Madden handbags after 2010.

I also checked their Facebook page and the last post is around 2014, so they probably are gone.

Final Thoughts on Big Buddha Handbags

Despite the enduring charm of its handbag range, Big Buddha no longer exists as an independent brand.

The brand’s website is currently empty, and the only social media where it was once active is Facebook. However, the Facebook Page hasn’t been updated in 8 years.

Nonetheless, Big Buddha handbags continue to be available in a second-hand versions in a range of online stores and boutiques, for those who still want to use the brand

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