Do Merrell Shoes Run Small?

Do shoes run small? Why, and what does it even mean?

In the context of footwear, this is when the size of a shoe is smaller than the standardized size.

A shoe of size 12 running small will feel like a size 11 or 11½ of other shoe brands, the same applies to shoes that run big.

There are various reasons to why shoes run small, from the type of material used for production to the production factory and their metric system, to other external conditions.

This article reviews the Merrell shoes, whether they’re true to size or not.

Do Merrell Shoes Run Small?

Merrell shoes fit true to size and they are even the same as other brands like Adidas when compared.

The shoes are the size they are said to be, and Merrell even offers them in different widths, medium and wide.

Some customer reviews suggest that the shoes run small and others suggest it runs big, and others find them to fit just okay.

So, the same size may fit perfectly for someone else while it runs small on another and big on another person.

There was also a complaint about the shoe fitting true to size but then running small afterward.

More often than not, this variation of size experienced by customers isn’t exactly from the shoe itself.

A person with a wide foot may find the normal width uncomfortable even though it’s the same size.

One is also likely to purchase a shoe and then find it running small on delivery, as there was no sizing done to test if it fits or not.

There is also the possibility of purchasing the wrong size due to the different size charts available, as a 10 in the US is 9 in the UK, 28 in Japan, and 43 in Europe.

It is unclear as to why the shoe size will differ after it was tested fit earlier; it might be due to extreme conditions like heat.

About Merrell Shoes

Merrell is a footwear brand headquartered in Rockford, Michigan, U.S.A. A manufacturer of footwear such as hiking boots, athletic shoes, and sandals.

Merrell also produces jackets, gloves, hoodies, socks, and other accessories like stuff sacks and backpacks.

Merrell’s products are sold in over 150 countries including Canada, the UK, Scandinavia, and the US, and it operates over 100 stores around the world.

Merrell has been in the business of shoe-making for over 40 years and is famed for its signature shoe, the Jungle Moc.

Merrell is currently a subsidiary of Wolverine World Wide, an American footwear manufacturer.

Sizing Tips for Merrell Shoes

Merrell shoes are true to size, so you won’t struggle much to find that perfect fit for yourself.

However, it will be wise if you are cautious and follow some specific tips before buying the shoe. Below are some particular tips we’ve curated for you:

Take Your Foot Measurement

First things first, before heading to buy your UA shoes or any other one for that matter, you should take your foot size.

It might be disastrous to think you know it.

Sizes do change.

Numerous factors could have affected your foot size.

For instance, you might have lost or gained weight. You must take your latest measurement to get a perfect size fitting.

Also, remember that different brands have different shoe sizes.

While some run big, others run small, and some are true to size.

Hence, comparing your size to another shoe brand might not work accurately.

It might be too much hassle, but take that measurement rather than comparing it with another shoe brand you own.

If you’re unsure how to get your size, here’s a tip.

Measure in inches from heel to toe.

Place your foot on a piece of paper and trace it to get a suitable measurement.

Ensure you place your whole weight on that foot measurement.

Also, it would be better to measure at the end of the day because your foot would be stretched in your shoes.

Know Your Size Description

To make better decisions, you should prioritize your sizing guide and measurement tips.

Every inch counts, and none is insignificant.

Remember that an inch can be the difference between getting a perfect fit and otherwise.

Ensure you run your sizing guide and measurement tips exactly to get the ideal shoe fitting.

Keeping this in mind will ensure you get a comfortable shoe.

If you desire a more oversized fit, add a half-inch to your size, and vice versa if you want a smaller fit.

Check the Return Policy

We can’t rule out you picking the wrong size even after being cautious.

Hence, you must understand the return, refund, and exchange policies of the store.

Ensure you understand all terms and conditions and should only move forward if you’re comfortable with them.

Generally, buying from UA’s official website gives you more flexibility regarding return and exchange policies.

UA accepts exchanges and offers free returns within two months of purchase if you have a valid proof of purchase.

Final Words on Merrell Shoes

Whether Merrell shoes run small, big, or are true to size can’t actually be said because people wearing the same sizes experience varying results.

But at Merrells’ end, every shoe is manufactured true to size.

A working solution to this is going for a 10.5 if your size is 10, and 10 runs small, or a 9.5 if it runs big.

Our feet might look the same and even fit the same size but end up differing by an inch or half.

This is because the body’s growth is not always the same and some may have unusual growths like a slightly longer toe.

The sizing issue is a problem when shopping online, although not that often.

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