Picotin 18 vs. 22: Which is Better?

Hermes is a great brand, especially in producing exquisite handbags.

The Hermes Picotin bucket-style bag is one of the brand’s collections that has proven timeless and trendy.

The bag has a signature minimalistic aura with raw edges and no lining design.

The bag comes in different sizes, hardware, color, and style.

For most people eyeing this timeless bucket bag, the right size to choose is often a hard decision.

The Picotin 18 and 22 sizes are the most popular sizes of this bag. Let’s review their attributes to establish the better size or, better still, the right one for you.

Let’s get started.


The Hermes Picotin bag was branded in the early 2000s, even though it had just started becoming popular.

The bag design is inspired by the nosebag design, a bag attached to the horse’s nose to help him feed.

It’s one of the most affordable and available Hermes collections, especially compared to Kelly or Birkin bags.

The bag is simple, elegant, and timeless.

It doesn’t have a high logo or noisy design, so it has a chic aura. It’s available in different sizes, including the Picotin 18, 22, 26, and 33.

Picotin 18 Vs. 22: Similarities

Picotin 18 Vs. 22

The Picotin 18 and 22 sizes are similar in all ramifications except the dimension, which extends to the capacity.

The sizes feature the unique Hermes key & lock. They consist of a large compartment with no extra zippers or pockets.

Both interiors are suede, and the exteriors are designed with clemency leather, giving a casual and slouchy look.

Both sizes do not include a crossbody or shoulder strap.

There are also no zippers to enclose the openings. However, you can buy an attachable shoulder strap if you desire to transform the bag into a crossbody strap.

The sizes can be carried by hand or in the arms and neck.

Both 18 and 22 sizes are lightweight, making them comfortable for carrying through everyday activities. They come in different colors and classic shades.

Key Features

  • No shoulder strap
  • Big compartment with no extra pockets
  • Hermès Padlock and Paris stamp
  • Varieties of colors
  • Lightweight and comfortable

Picotin 18 vs. 22: Differences

Both sizes have many similarities and only a few differentiating attributes.

The significant differences come in the dimension and carrying capability. Let’s differentiate them based on these factors.


The Picotin 18 or PM bag is the smallest size. It measures 18×19×13.5cm.

The size 22, on the other hand, measures 22 × 21 × 17cm. It’s the size that follows the size 18.

The difference in the dimension might seem insignificant, but from an eye test, the difference is glaring.


Both sizes have a large compartment with no extra pockets or zippers.

The compartment is enough to carry everyday essentials.

However, the size 22 accommodates more and can be used for work, travel, and weekend outings.

The size 18 is ideal for everyday necessities.

It can carry a wallet, phone, keys, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, notebook, and other small random stuff if appropriately arranged.

The size 22 can hold all these components with additional room for another phone, a mini laptop, an iPad, A4 magazines, and other small office necessities like staplers.


The size 18 is the popular size of the Picotin bag collection. It’s compact and genuinely spacious for everyday use.

Also, the recent fashion trend is shifting to small bags, another reason most people opt for this size.

The size 22 is the second most popular size of the collection and is ideal for school and work purposes.


Usually, the cost of a Picotin bag varies based on size, leather, and hardware.

The size 22 is pricier than the size 18. Its higher price point is understandable since it offers more extra space, ensuring exceptional practicality and versatility.


Both sizes are stylish as they are designed to be carried as a handbag.

Users can also attach an external strap to the handle to carry the bag as a shoulder or cross-body bag.

Generally, the size 18 handle is relatively small and doesn’t fit most users’ hands comfortably to be carried as a handbag.

But it looks exquisite when used as a crossbody bag.

On the contrary, the size 22 has a comfortable handle that is roomy enough to be used as a handbag.

However, the size looks too big and out of style when used as a crossbody bag.

Picotin 18 Vs. 22: Which Is Better?

The better size between the Picotin 18 and 22 is relative. It depends on many factors, including the user’s intent for purchase, load capacity, and stature.

To choose the better one for yourself, you need to look beyond the size.

Both sizes are practical and versatile, but size 22 is more beneficial.

It is ideal for many outings, including school, work, travel, and weekend outings.

If you carry a lot of things, the size 22 might work better for you because the size 18 will not accommodate something like a long wallet or laptop.

The size 22 is also great if you’re tall, as it’ll complement your stature perfectly. However, it might not be great as a shoulder bag compared to the size 18.

On the other hand, size 18 is great if you want a stylish and trendy bag that’s fit for casual outings.

It doesn’t accommodate much but will carry everyday necessities. It’s also perfect as a shoulder bag and will be the best fit if you’re petite.

Your choice will depend on what you prioritize most in your bag. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to get value for your money.

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